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Top 10 small business project management tools

While talking to different small business owners around the world, I realized that there is one common management issue that they all face, which is managing their day-to-day tasks. Due to a lack of awareness about different management software, these businesses end up investing a handsome amount of time and energy, to manage their daily tasks.
I see this as an alarming issue, so I decided to help my friends in this regard. I identified some tools, that can help them resolve this issue, and in the process of exploring these tools, I thought of sharing my research with you all to benefit from it.
With the help of these tools, you can reduce the time and effort consumed by management and collaboration work.
Let’s explore the best top 10 task tools for small business project management software that makes life easier for entrepreneurs and young business owners.

Here is the list of the dependable small business project management software

SmartSheet is one of the most flexible management software, which you can customize as per your need basis. Easy integration with software you are already using is available because Smartsheet says; If it works for you, it works for us.

Reasons to choose smartsheet:

You have an activity log to monitor the moves, and actions of the participants in the project. You can even export the activity log.

You have complete control over all the users and activities at the admin center, a highly secure management system.

The file attachment facility is available from Google Drive, DropBox, or One Drive. You can attach the document in individual rows for relevancy.

Recurring processes can be automated, and updates can be timely addressed through emails or messaging apps like slack, hangouts, or any other integrated software.

You will receive updates on all the relevant tasks on the smartsheet; updates can be reviewed and responded to instantly. Mobile push or email notifications can be configured.

What’s Annoying?:

The annoying thing about SmartSheet is its high prices; small businesses and entrepreneurs find it a bit out of budget, so you can’t list it among the small business project management software It’s also not that beginner-friendly firstcomers struggle in understanding the software. Lastly, it’s not a feasible Project management tool; it’s mainly for task management, as methodologies like Agile can’t be implemented.



Teams can collaborate, track, manage, and execute their work in real-time, all on one platform.
$7 user/month


Improve teamwork management with simple and powerful automated workflows.
$25 user/month


Manage work across your enterprise with a powerful no-code app builder and enhanced IT governance and administration.
Contact Support claims to be innovative task management software that simplifies assigning communication, testing, and all the other day-to-day activities to make workflow flawless. Monday is a reliable tool to have a complete overview on regular basis through easily comprehensible boards.

Reasons to choose

Get a bird’s eye view to have a complete update on all the progress; you know exactly where your team stands. Something that can be very handy in small business project management software, as owners are in continuous need of an update of the project.

Easily configurable and customizable Kanban boards that help you collaborate with all the stakeholders and also, integrate your favorite tools.

Import your excel sheets and convert them into more interactive Gantt charts, to plan, execute and track your project’s progress.

Speed up working on feedback by directly posting your comments on the shared files, pointing to the exact location where you want the change to happen.

Code-free automation can help you relieve yourself from day-to-day recurring task management involvement.

What’s Annoying?:

The per-user pricing policy of can be a reason for users to divert toward other apps. Integration on of software like Salesforce, SharePoint, or similar third-party applications.



$8.00 4 Seats Per Month


Manage all your teams’ work in one place
$0.00 2 Seats


Collaborate and optimize your team processes
$10.00 3 Seats Per Month


Streamline and run your teams’ complex workflows
$16.00 3 Seats Per Month


For organizations that need enterprise-grade security, control, and support.
Contact Support

Asana works on the graph data model to help teams stay in sync and updated about tasks and details. Timelines in Asana help you hit your deadlines and identify priorities. It also allows managers to have a real-time update of all the projects.

Reasons to choose Asana

Help your team to share ideas and give valuable input on running or upcoming projects using Asana forms.

Create a process that helps you automate workflow without human involvement; set the complete project on autopilot using asana and get real-time updates regularly.

Get Essential updates from all the departments with just a click; color charts help you evaluate faster than boring spreadsheets.

It’s accessible from all devices, be it desktop, Android, or IOS; stay updated whenever you want, wherever you want.

Asana helps you to divide workload equally amongst all the teammates allowing everyone to manage their tasks without any added stress.

What’s Annoying?:

Asana is not that easy for beginners as they might struggle initially; too many options can confuse the users, so you must have clear objectives behind using Asana, or you will be lost. One task can be assigned to one individual only, which is a restriction.


Asana Basic

For individuals or teams just getting started with project management.

Asana Premium

For teams that need to create project plans with confidence. A small team discount may apply.
Starting $10 per user per month

Asana Business

For teams and companies that need to manage work across initiatives.
$24.99 per member, per month

Asana Enterprise

For organizations that need additional security, control, and support. All the power of Business, plus more security, control, and support
Contact Support

Click-Up helps you manage day-to-day tasks without the extensive involvement of managers, allows you to comment live on every submission, and evaluate performance based on the time deadlines met or time consumed to do a particular task.

Reasons to choose ClickUp

You can set dependencies and relations of a particular task with another task already in progress or completed; this helps you jump directly to the related task to study the progress of sub-tasks.

You can group tasks to set the milestone for a project, which can be viewed later as a single project, or multiple tasks, to know the advancement.

With the help of intake forms, bug submissions can be added to the To-Do list and assigned to the relevant person or team. Continuous evaluation helps fix issues on time and save time.

With the help of a free chrome extension, you can track the time of any task whenever you want from wherever you want.

Enjoy In-app collaboration with teammates where you can share comments and attach files for the responsible person to view and implement the feedback.

What’s Annoying?:

Too much customization can be a headache for the managers; setting up a calendar is extensively long and time-consuming; users have reported problems with the Gmail integration, which hurdles the notification process.



100MB storage, unlimited tasks & users, two-Factor Authentication, collaborative Docs


Unlimited Storage | Unlimited Integrations | Unlimited Dashboards
$5 per user per month


Google SSO | Unlimited Teams | Custom Exporting | Advanced Public Sharing
$24.8 user/month

Business Plus

Team Sharing | Subtasks in Multiple Lists | Custom Role Creation | Custom Permissions
$19 per user per month.


White Labeling | Advanced Permissions | Enterprise API | Unlimited Custom Roles
Contact Support

Trello is a combination of boards, lists, and cards where you can manage your daily tasks; it is also considered one of the most reliable small business project management software, as it’s the most user-friendly amongst the lot.

Reasons to choose Trello

Boards give you a bird’s eye view of all the projects for you to stay on top of your team’s progress.

Cards contain complete information about a particular task or project that you can assign and collaborate with relevant teammates. Single platform to get your tasks done.

Built-in automation of Trello helps you save the time of collecting task from one department and assigning it to another, all of this can be pre-defined on Trello bots.

You know exactly where to start from when you begin your day, Trello calendar helps you remind yourself about your daily tasks and deliver accordingly.

What’s Annoying?:

Limits, limits, and limits, especially with the basic package you have limited projects, and limited reporting options are annoying for project managers. Trello is good for task management but not much effective for task management of complex projects.



100MB storage, unlimited tasks & users, two-Factor Authentication, collaborative Docs


For individuals or teams looking to organize any project.
$5 per user per month


For small teams that need to manage work and scale collaboration.
$10USD Per user/month


For organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls.
$17.50USD Per user/month

If you are looking for a solution where you want all your teammates to stay up to date about all the recent developments, Airtable is the right pick. It may seem like SmartSheet at first look, but Airtable claims to be more powerful and flexible.

Reasons to choose Airtable

With an easy drag and drop solution, you can develop a user interface that helps your teammates easily comprehend their tasks. The stakeholders will also have required insights about all the projects.

Keep your team and all the platforms you are working on in sync; with Airtable you can keep everything in one place and all teams informed about their To-Dos.

Using trigger and action logic, you can easily automate workflows; integrated with platforms like Google, Slack, Facebook, and Twitter, making progress update notifications automated.

If you know to code, you can develop your reporting script, and if not, you can use templates on Airtable that be customized.

What’s Annoying?:

Although Airtable is supposed to be similar to excel, the navigation still seems to be a bit complex, and the formulas are not working effectively as they do on Excel sheets. Another complaint that the users of Airtable register are that upon adding new information to the database, you have to manually refresh, adding a couple more clicks to the process.



For individuals or very small teams just getting started with Airtable


For teams looking to create a single source of truth to manage their workflows and processes
$10 per seat /month


For teams and companies who need to create workflows & extensions to run their most important processes across their org
$20 per seat /month


For departments and organizations who have advanced customization, scale, security, control, and support needs
Contact Support

Wrike is best for internal collaboration between teammates and departments, regardless of the location. Wrike is trusted to work for geographically dispersed teams. Effective collaboration and file sharing on the Wrike; make day-to-day tasks hassle-free.

Reasons to choose Wrike

A heavily secure cloud-based management system where your data is as secure as you wish. A master encryption key helps you have complete control of your data.

Not just automate the process but also automate brief and intake collection from clients using forms, and keep clients in the loop of all the progress, so they have a timely update.

With the Work Intelligence™ software of Wirke, experience the power of AI; this helps with smart automation and predicting project risks. It also enables the usage of advanced communication tools like voice modulation.

Live time tracking enables you to time-bound your team member and deliver accordingly, the time tracker can be set manually, or Wrike allows you to add it retrospectively with just a few clicks.

What’s Annoying?:

You can comment on tasks, but there is no internal chat option where the team can collaborate on software that promises to help geographically dispersed teams, an internal chatting solution is a must. Wrike is also too expensive for starters.



A simple, shared task list for small teams.
$0 Unlimited users


5 to 200 users. Full project planning & collaboration
$9.8 user/month


5-200 users. Volume discounts available Robust work management with customization & exec reporting
$24.8 user/month


Comprehensive solution with advanced security & controls
Contact Support

As evident by its name Todist is a daily to-do list manager who becomes focused and concentrated on the tasks to extract desired results; it’s also a very dependable personal task management tool.

Reasons to choose Todoist

Add your daily recurring tasks like checking emails, posting on social platforms, etc.

Have everything in front of your eyes while you can be free from the tension of remembering everything.

100 In-build templets are available for you to choose from as per your comfort.

Delegate tasks to divide the workload, and you can concentrate on your prime responsibilities by unburdening yourself.

Arrange tasks in a way it feels suitable for you; your comfort is valued above anything.

What’s Annoying?:

You can’t retrieve the completed tasks; once you click Done, it’s gone forever. Android users have issues with receiving notifications.


Free For starters

5 active projects | 5 collaborators per project | 5 MB file uploads
$0 Unlimited users

Pro For power users

300 active projects | 25 collaborators per project | 100 MB file uploads
$4 per month

Business For teams

Everything in Pro | 500 active projects per member | 50 people per project
$6 per user per month

Managing your client is made easy by Teamwork, your day-to-day communication to budgeting, all in one place, and your clients, teammates, and freelancers all under a single umbrella.

Reasons to choose Teamwork

Plan your workload based on the capacity of your team; judge the working of your team members, and plan their future tasks accordingly. You can have real-time updates and re-prioritize tasks, based on the new updates you receive.

Depending on your requirements at the time, you can have a complete overview through portfolio project management, and at the same time, you can dive into the details of a particular project.

Online time tracking can help you keep track of your deadlines; this enables you to optimize your time and create transparency in the workflow; this also helps your commit a realistic period to the client.

All your teams are in one place; if you want to share your thoughts with all departments, or a particular team, or just want to share feedback on a job of an individual, you can do it all in a couple of clicks.

What’s Annoying?:

If you have material without the idea of hours, at times you are stuck; security is also a concern as there is no 2 FA when you log in using a different device. Some teams have also complained that since every team member uses it the way it pleases them, it’s hard to keep track of projects.



Brand new to project management? Start here.


All the project management basics in one place.
$9.99 user/month


The complete feature set for managing complex projects.
$17.99 use /month


Serious power, profitability reporting, unlimited financial budgets, and more.
Contact Support

Work-life balance is now possible with Basecamp; be it remote work or office-based, Basecamp helps you manage all your tasks in one place. It can be accessed through the web, IOS, or Android. Small business project management software is used by entrepreneurs worldwide.

Reasons to choose Todoist

You can control access, who can see your projects is in your hands, and keep your tasks private or open, it’s up to you.

Allow all your team members to see what the client said, to avoid communication gaps and interpretation flaws.

Upload files and allow clients to grab them directly without any delay; you can upload docs and files of large size without any issue.

What’s Annoying?:

The first thing that bugs off a user is that you can view a limited amount of projects at a time and can’t track so many projects as well. Complex tasks cannot be managed, the software is only for basic projects.


Basecamp Personal

Great for personal projects, students, freelancers, families, and light use.

Basecamp Business

If you want to run your business on Basecamp, this is the plan for you. Includes every feature we offer plus unlimited projects, unlimited users, and no per-user fees.
$99/month flat

Expert Conclusion

To save yourself from the tumult of remembering tasks and the tension of forgetting something important, you need tools to guide you in this busy world. To organize your self pick one that suits your needs.
To understand the algorithm of management and scaling of your business, you need the supervision of someone in this business for a long time. Someone who has proven successful at the ventures he started and he can educate you on small business project management software.
Do you want to know more about establishing a successful business? I am always up to help enthusiastic individuals with fresh ideas.

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