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Funding & Mentorship for Bootstrappers

We help founders build differentiated startups that enable freedom, attract M&A attention, and do not require VC funding.
Bootstrap a differentiated startup that attracts M&A attention

Create differentiators that lead to fast, high-value acquisitions without venture capital

Save money while living and building abroad

Extend your runway while exploring parts unknown with low cost of living

Build a culture that encourages travel and autonomy

Attract talent, limit the need for micro-management, and enable freedom

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Quickly get ahold of your financials without a CFO

Ian Brodie

Ian is a Wandering Entrepreneur. In 2020, he started a services and software startup ( that was acquired after two years in a high-value exit.

In those 24 months, his startup:

  • Scaled to 25 full-time employees
  • Enabled the founders to travel to 7 countries
  • Required no more than 40 hours of work per week
  • Did not have a technical co-founder
  • Grew without institutional funding (e.g. VCs)
How Wandering Entrepreneur helps you grow your startup.
We provide funding to kickstart sustainable growth, along with mentorship and guidance from founders who have bootstrapped their own startups. This is not institutional investing - we do not demand significant stake, unicorn-like growth, or SaaS products.

What this is:

Angel investment and mentorship to help startup founders:

Build bootstrapped, profitable, and unique startups
Enable a nomadic lifestyle and/or maintain a healthy, meaningful life outside of work
Attract M&A attention that can lead to quick, high-value exits
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What this is not:

Wandering Entrepreneur is not Venture Capital, Private Equity, a Paid Course, or a YC-like Accelerator

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Are you in the early stages of a new business venture? Perhaps we should chat!

  • 1. Are you building a B2B SaaS or tech-enabled services company?
  • 2. Are you hoping to primarily bootstrap / avoid insti tutional investing?
  • 3. Are you targeting a quick exit (<5 years)?
  • 4. Are you looking for strategies to balance work and personal life for yourself and your employees?

If yes to all of the above, I’d love to talk shop! I can almost certainly offer some insights from my own experience.

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